Into the wild we went... by tahl rinsky

I recently came back from a weekend away form my family with my oldest and dearest friend in the world Shelly. We went to visit her and my beautiful friend who is living with a massive tumour in her spine (her story is incredible and deserves a blog post of its own which will follow).

As happens when sisters don't see each other for a long time we had a lot to talk about and as 2014 was one of the biggest years of our lives on an emotional, spiritual and cutting through the crap of daily life kinda year, conversations were charged with feelings, tenderness and sometimes tears.

I've always been a beach girl, don't even think twice if I'm given the choice where to go: Beach or forest. I always choose the ocean, my love. This time there was no choice we were in the Dandenong ranges of Victoria. A beautiful sub tropical mountain rage filled with aboriginal history and sacred forest. We went for a walk into the woods, into the old growth forest where the trees will speak of lives lived long before our time.

We felt a connection, we felt the depth of humanity and its tiny  existence amongst all that is in this world. We felt the connection with our divine mother and mother earth herself. We felt an instant calm as time stopped and suddenly we were young and old all at once, we were one. 

Into the wild we went to find calmness, serenity and reassurance that we are the wild and the wild is us. Life isn't actually that complicated its only us humans that make it so...


The wild one.

“ We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time. “
— T.S Eliot, "Little Gidding"




Yoga and Art by tahl rinsky

I've spent a lot of my life thinking rather than doing. There were always so many options to choose from I just couldn't keep focused on one thing. I wanted to use my body physically so I thought I should go into personal training (this was before I discovered yoga) I wanted to work with people so I thought to be a massage therapist, but more than anything I always wanted to be creative, I took photos, I painted a little, I made beautiful diaries and collages. I tried it all, but I didn't know how to bring it all together.

A few months ago I realised that I can be everything, in fact I'm in my element being this multi tasking girl. Using my yoga practice, my body to make art. Using photography to inspire people to practice yoga and think outside the square. It's finally working - the reason I know it is, is because I'm happy, I'm inspired and I no longer fear what people will think. 

Yoga is a practice, its a way of life but its also a platform for self expression, a place for the soul to experience itself. We can say the same thing about art so why not marry the 2?