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It's never too late for a career change. by tahl rinsky

My whole life I always feared the question : " What do you do ? " , there were things I knew I loved but I could never seem to package them into a  "career".

Photography has always been a passion of mine ever since I studied film in 1994 ( 14 years old). I loved all aspects of of this process form the clique of the shutter to smell of the fixer in the darkroom. I took photos wherever I went but when it came to taking it one step further and becoming a "professional" I managed to always talk myself out of it, saying its too hard, its competitive, I don't like the fashion world and on and on. The truth was I was scared of failure and needed to go full circle around to come back and find that same little girl with her camera.

I have absolutely no regrets that I didn't pursue this passion earlier as I do believe that life gives you what you need most at any current time. I needed to learn my own value through long winding road of self searching.

Last year I bought my first ever digital camera not knowing how I was going to justify the cost I went for it. I started to document my yoga practice and my life using Instagram as a publishing platform. My dear friends and inspirational teachers', sisters Michelle and Clare Merrefield, suggested I start to offer my services to Yogi's as I understand the practice and am able to capture its magic, Michelle also offered me my first commissioned job as her photographer shooting covers for her new DVD's ( sold across the country at Kmart and BigW). And then it became a "career" growing by word of mouth. I photograph yogis mostly but also people looking for a portrait.  18 moths ago I would have never saw this coming, I lacked the vision that arises from a deep self trust that anything is achievable, the story is yet to be told and age or social statistics mean nothing unless you allow them too.

I'm forever grateful for the friends and family who believed in me all along, I'm thankful for my beautiful clients who make this job feel like anything but work, and of course I'm thankful to you my friends for taking the time to read my expressions.

Its never too late to change direction or start something new, all it takes is trust in the whispers of your heart.


Thanks to my assistant Leon Bryant for these beautiful snaps.

Melbourne march 2015 for  Live Life Well Studio 

 Melbourne March 2015,  The amazing girls of  Common Grounds Yoga.  

 Melbourne March 2015,  The amazing girls of Common Grounds Yoga. 

Melbourne March 2015 Common Grounds 

Melbourne march 2015,  Danielle Kyle of The Collective Studio. 

libby Weaver Byron Bay 2015 

2015 Elsa Pataki, Byron Bay. 

Melbourne March 2015, Malasana - Yogi squat behind the camera.

YOGA MOM by tahl rinsky

After 6 weeks of holidays I packed lunch boxes and shipped 3 kids off to school and kindergarten. The house is quiet and I'm starting to gather my thoughts for the year to come.  

I feel that this year I will take some big steps diving deeper into my path as a yoga teacher, but also as a creative. In saying that I have to remind myself that my primary role in life is still being a MOM. Yes in some ways I'm just a mom.... well that's what I used to say but over the years I realised that the word 'just' does not describe this roll or do it any justice. 

I am a MOM, I am a Yogi and together I'm a Yoga Mom. I've learned  that the best way for me to feel whole is to create a synergy between all areas of my life. I now look at everything I do as a form of practice. Asana is such a small component on the path of a Yogi. Its the quality of relationships that really reflects how far we've come along this path.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that I love to play around with my kids. I do this because it keeps them involved in what I'm doing, because it opens their eyes to the idea of Yoga not being only pose and because it shows you my friends a side of me ( the playful silly mom) I wish to share.

I rarely plan these shoots, I usually get inspired by something I see, like a superman cape and quickly grab the camera to capture the moment. kids are kids and they definitely don't perform on request so we usually end up capturing something we had'nt planned. 

I've shared with you below a series of photos captured together, a little behind the scenes. Welcome to my world of creative play.

XX, Yoga Mom.  

Heart chakra – Anahata | Color: Green by tahl rinsky

Heart chakra – Anahata  |  Color: Green

This is the central chakra, located in the heart space and forging the connection between the body, mind and spirit. Guiding our intuition, hope, love, forgiveness and compassion. ‘I LOVE’ .This is where our love for ourselves and others is rooted. When out of balance we can feel indecisive, paranoid, sorry for ourselves and unworthy. Physically it will manifest in the heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders and upper back. Balancing and opening the heart chakra enhances the love for self and others.  It allows you to feel compassion, empathy, and forgiveness for others, and reconnects you to the loving world around you. Thus, generating a zest for life.

Source: "Breath, Bend, Blossom' - Michelle Merrifield 

The Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura by tahl rinsky

Solar Plexus chakra – Manipura  |  Color: Yellow

Is located in the center of the abdomen and is the source of our personal power – ‘I CAN ‘. It is the ‘seat’ of the ego, the home for passion, impulse, anger and strength. When this chakra is open and clear we feel confident in who we are. We feel ready to take on new challenges with excitement and joy. Physical outcomes resulting from blockage includes poor digestion and liver function, diabetes, nervous exhaustion and food allergies. Balancing the Solar Plexus chakra allows you to be more aware of your own energy and being, comfortable in your decisions, and psychically connected to your “gut” feelings so that you may act accordingly with confidence.

Source: "Breath, Bend, Blossom' - Michelle Merrifield